Scott "Kasper" Gaddy

KasperAffiliations: Wonda Music, The Diner

Creative Collaborators: Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, Martin Luther McCoy

Institution Affiliations: University of Delaware, Platinum Sound Studio NYC

Brand Work: BET, VH1, Coca Cola, Rockstar Games, Heineken, General Mills

Expertise: Music and Video Production

Current Work: “Missing You” Tank,  “Know How” movie score

Scott “Kasper” Gaddy is a music producer with over fifteen years of experience working with a wide array of artists in various genres. During that time his music was being heard in adverts, background for reality TV and video games. Over the past seven years he has been active in pre-production with Grammy Award winning producer Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis for artist such as Justin Bieber, Melissa Etheridge, Mary J. Blige, Miguel, Estelle, and Akon. More recently he has diversified into movie scoring and providing music for the musical drama “Know How” and documentary films “The Streets of Harlem” and “The People’s Report”.