Rich Medina

Rich Medina in OntFront by Marc Haers

Rich Medina in OntFront by Marc Haers

 Affiliations: Rock Steady Crew, Universal Zulu Nation, Southport Weekender, OkayAfrica
Creative Collaborators: Bobbito Garcia, Africa Bambaatta, King Britt, Vikter Duplaix, J ROCC, Gilles Peterson, Q-Tip, Questlove, Kenny Dope, Breakbeat Lou
Institution Affiliations: Cornell University Hip Hop Collection, DubSpot
Endorsements: Tucker & Bloom [45 Bag], Serato, Magma
Brand Work: BET, vH1, Time Warner Cable, Smirnoff, Heineken, EA Sports
Expertise: Vinyl Collection & Selection,  V/O Talent, DJ & Production Education
Current Work: JUMP N FUNK (Mixed Media Dance Party), Props, CommUnity,

For the past two decades, Rich Medina has cemented his reputation as an elite DJ, one of few on the planet capable of taking audiences worldwide on a sonic journey through hip-hop, house, soul, afrobeat, funk, breaks and dance classics.  Today, many artists who have been Rich’s idols have become peers, and his fans often become his friends, even if just through the shared experience of music.  Countless couples and relationships were commenced to the soundtracks he has created time and time again.  His eloquence extends well beyond the music he plays—Medina’s spontaneous use of language speaks to the fact that he’s been a well-respected spoken word artist for over a quarter century, not to mention that he’s a journalist who has contributed columns and features to a wide variety of publications, including The Fader, Complex and Wax Poetics.  His commanding physical presence is a constant reminder of four years of varsity basketball while at Cornell University, not to mention a brief stint of semi-pro ball immediately thereafter.

DJing only scratches the surface of Rich Medina’s story.  His spoken word artistry has been featured on records by the likes of King Britt, Phil Asher, De Lata, Antibalas, IG-Culture, and Nathan Haines.  As a record producer, he has collaborated with the likes of Jill Scott, J Dilla, Platinum Pied Pipers, Martin Luther, DJ Mitsu The Beats, Okada Taxi, Ty, Bobbito Garcia, 4AD, Blue Note Records, and Concord Music Group.  He also released his first full-length LP, “Connecting the Dots” in 2005, on the Dutch indie powerhouse label Kindred Spirits.

While attending his twentieth college reunion at Cornell University in 2012, Medina was approached by the school’s director of The Cornell Hip Hop Collection to become the first ever Cornell alumnus to join their esteemed advisory board. The collection consists of the largest acquisition of rare and at-risk materials and artifacts covering the beginnings of hip hop culture—the most extensive held by any organization in the US.  He has lectured on numerous topics and moderated multiple panel discussions for Cornell’s Music and Africana departments.  He has also been invited to speak at San Francisco State University, and was a featured speaker at TEDxPhilly in 2011.

Rich is a card-carrying member of the Rock Steady Crew and the Universal Zulu Nation. And he has consistently lent his name to charitable organizations close to his heart, most recently The Africa Center, Room to Grow and GrassRoots.