Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan

Kwiz Affiliations: Rhythm Lab

 Creative Collaborators: Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Ciara,  The Family Stand, Sandra St. Victor

 Institution Affiliations: Florida A&M, Alpha Phi Alpha,

 Endorsements: Native Instruments’ MASCHINE

 Brand Work: HBO, ESPN, ABC, Capitol Records, MCA, Universal Records,  Columbia

 Expertise: Hip-Hop & Pop Production, Live Show Engineering & Production

 Current Work: Beyoncé

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Rhythm Lab is a music production company run by Kwiz. His musical goal is to make you dance, love, cry, think, hate, fu%k, make love, make babies, seek therapy, give therapy, hug your mom/dad/sister/brother/son/daughter etc., and scream. B. Tate from “Shrine for the Black Madonna” says that “Kwiz is authentic”. He’s produced/recorded/mixed/composed/remixed/programmed for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes T.I., Ciara, The Earth Gyrlz, Jeff Redd, Tashan, Raven Simone, The Good Fellas, The Family Stand, Sandra St.Victor, Mark Batson, Slick Rick, Delouie Avante jr, Tanya Fly, Neycha, Dr. AMA, Dead Broke, Neph E. Neph, I II V, and 7.O.D. He’s also composed theme music for HBO, ESPN, and ABC, and has done various production work for Capitol, MCA, Universal, Columbia, Avatar/A&M, Sutra, Tu Da Beat (indie), Lucy Kool (indie), Smoke/Universal record labels.