About The Founder

About The Founder: Mark E. Hines

To put it simply, Mark is the brains of the operation. He’ll never tell you this directly, and you won’t peep it from his easy demeanor. But if you see him tap, tap, tapping on his iPad or iPhone, you better believe the wheels are spinning. Mark formed Marksmen Productions (aka THE MARKSMEN) in 2003 to overcome some of the inefficient he experienced in the way music labels, artists, movie and television industries got content. Too many gatekeepers, too few actual decision-makers, too much politics. If he had a fat beat, why was it so hard to get into the hands or in front the people who needed it. So THE MARKSMEN was formed with the singular mission to streamline the way he and his producers got tracks placed. Period.

If you’re looking for pedigree, Mark’s got that too. Prior to developing THE MARKSMEN, Mark Hines was Vice President of Creative Technology at 360HipHop.com where he was instrumental in the conceptualization and development of Russell Simmons’ first web play. Upon BET.com‘s acquisition of 360HipHop.com, Mark was appointed Vice President of Strategy, where he was directly responsible for initiating a diverse range of innovative projects including the conception and implementation of music strategies, interactive programming and creative technology.

From 1994 to 1999, Hines worked at JP Morgan where he specialized in the development of unique technology applications that provided the bank with its competitive edge. While at JP Morgan, Hines maintained a music production company, Poisoned Ivy Entertainment, which did work for several major labels including Warner Brothers, MCA, Columbia and Def Jam. It was at Poisoned Ivy that Mark received his first Gold record for the Belly soundtrack. Mark obtained a BA Degree in Computer Science from Princeton University (’94).