About The Marksmen Guerilla Music Productions

THE MARKSMEN is a free-agent producers network with members specializing in Hip-Hop track production, R&B & Soul music production and songwriting, Music for TV & Radio Ads, TV & Film scoring, and Sound Design.

Frustrated by all-too-common obstacles to track placement with record labels, Mark Hines, formerly co-head of Russell Simmons new media endeavor 360HipHop, launched THE MARKSMEN in 2002 as a suite of products and services to solve the problem for himself and a handful of other talented producers and musicians. Mark determined that if he could standardize not only the creative tools but also the sales, promotion, and distribution mechanisms used in the track placement process, he could more readily repeat, the few and far-between successes he had experienced in his then 7 years of professional production. Further, by leveraging new computing technologies, as was his focus of study at Princeton University, he could repeatedly beat the competition by delivering more focused music content in quick succession while a production opportunity was still open for submissions.

Together with media engineers Selwyn Hinds (former Editor in Chief of The Source Magazine and co-author of the critically acclaimed “To A Young Jazz Musician” with Wynton Marsalis), Guy Routte (Artist Manager & Deal Man, Sara Devine, Columbia Records), Hines deployed Marksmen products and services to unify and cultivate the content of it’s members. In 2006, THE MARKMEN brought Stephen Chukumba on board (MX Telecom, Usablenet, KiwiTech, FonLabs), and acquired a mobile industry veteran with legal, entertainment, technology and business development chops.

Today, THE MARKSMEN represent the largest, most comprehensive network of producer and music experts, with one of the largest independent audio track libraries in the world. And it’s more than just the music. THE MARKSMEN have grown from production company, to concept agency, helping the brands we work with envision interaction with their audiences in ways that are as immersive, as they are imaginative and innovative. Whether it’s curating the sound library for Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Harlem, or conceptualizing the latest web portal for Russell Simmons, THE MARKSMEN will help you hit your target every time.